Data center technician and professional services

Services based on your needs

Our customers can choose the method best suited to their needs in terms of using our data center technician and professional services. We can account for routine data center installations, saving you precious time, or for tasks that require more in-depth expertise, meaning you don’t even need to visit the data center.

We offer data center technician and professional services in various ways, for example as fixed-rate monthly contracts or separately commissioned hourly work. If needed, all work can be done in the evening, at night or on weekends.

Data center technician and professional services include:

Technician work:

  • Installation
  • Cabling
  • Accompanying services and other work instructed by the customer

Expert services:

  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting and other work
  • Emergency work for different services requiring an urgent reaction

Support services:

Ficolo’s colocation service model is a customer-based complete solution. Maintenance and monitoring of the service occurs every day of the year (24/7/365).

Our customer partnerships are built out of the following components:

  • Customer service at the desired service level
  • Customer responsibility and designated account specialists
  • Co-creation online support services
  • Select product and technology components