Why Finland?

For our Finnish and, especially, our international customers, some of the most important factors to consider in relation to the location of data centers are: A safe and predictable political atmosphere, transparent and service provider-friendly legislation, affordable energy prices, availability of green and renewable energy, industry experts, salary levels, general price levels, carrier-neutral and competitively priced telecommunication connections with good availability, and the ideal climate and soil, without natural disaster risks.

Finland meets all of these important criteria and so has become an internationally acclaimed location for new data centers. Major success factors arise from the ability to utilize know-how related to energy production and energy efficiency, and from affordable green energy, the availability of free cooling, and Finland’s economic competitiveness. Ficolo provides specific added value to international customers in the following areas:

  • Globally operating web, SaaS and cloud service providers
  • Companies that both need and offer data warehousing services and technology
  • Companies that need disaster risk management and disaster recovery services

On the Finnish scale, the location in Ulvila, outside of the most congested part of Finland, offers the same benefits to domestic players that Finland offers internationally. A network of partners allows us to provide domestic customers with a wider range of services to meet their varying IT outsourcing needs.

Ideal location and atmosphere of data centers without a risk of natural disasters.